Commercial Around the Clock Locksmiths


Based Commercial Locksmith Service

Many business owners are required to issue a lot of keys and change a lot of locks – mainly due to the high volume of employee turnover.Around the Clock Locksmiths knows and understands how overwhelming this process can be and the need for a locksmith partner. Why? Because businesses that are required to issue new keys on a regular basis are more susceptible to employee theft.It can also compromise things such as data breaches, trade secrets and technology in general which is increased should the keys fall in the wrong hands. Adding security to your locks and doors allows business owners to have additional protection that could further reduce the risk of theft. Around the Clock Locksmiths is an excellent locksmith solution to company based security problems within the Atlanta, GA area.

We are Reliable andTrustworthy

Hiring a reliable and trustworthy locksmith is crucial to reducing the risks associated untrained and poor quality locksmiths.On the contrary, companies such as canhelp.Not only are they trustworthy, but they also provide services using a code of ethics as their guide.In addition to that, our locksmith technicians are required tohave a background check as well as maintain updated credentials.

We Offer Free Security Consultation Services

With Around the Clock Locksmiths, you will never have to worry about whether your current security system can stand up against today’s security threats. That’s because we offer a free customized security consultation. Our team of experts will provide you with the best solution for your particular situation that also results in the best possible security solution available.

Other Security Solutions:

  • Around the Clock Locksmiths  866-700-7072Key cutting service
  • Garage door services
  • Lock repair/replacement
  • Master and sub master key setup
  • Advanced lock installation
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Commercial lockout assistance
  • Tailor-made business security solutions
  • Push bars installation/repair
  • Safe installation/unlocking
  • Magnetic lock deployment
  • File cabinet lock installation/ unlocking and more

Contract Services:

If you are a business owner you may find it to be difficult to keep track of your keys,locks and other security matters. You may find that it’s easier to contract the services of an experienced locksmith to provide maintenance, upkeep and assist you with tracking your keys and locks. You can count on Around the Clock Locksmithsto provide you witha contract basedservice that not only helps you get and stay organized but that also minimizes security risks. Just contact them at 866-700-7072 for more information.

Copying Keys

If you have misplaced your keys, it could create a major setback. Whether they are the keys to your file cabinet, desk drawer or any other high security Around the Clock Locksmiths, can replace your lost keys by creating a copy so that you can have a spare in case of an emergency in the future. Just contact Around the Clock Locksmiths today by calling them at 866-700-7072.

24 Hour Commercial Locksmith Services

Locks and keys can stop working at any time and usually without prior warning. This can create a major set back, that could result in loss of productivity or income.To prevent such occurrences please giveAround the Clock Locksmiths a call if you are located in theAtlanta, GA area.

Commercial Eviction Service

If you own property in Atlanta and are involved in an eviction proceedinggive Around the Clock Locksmithsa call. We can help get your locks changed quickly and discretely.This is especially important if you have unbearable tenants in your unit that must be evicted.You will need a reliable locksmith that you can trust. Simply call 866-700-7072 for immediate assistance.